Our Feet Are in Florida, Again!


We might listen to all your big sighs as well as eased gasps as we drew right into our website at Tropical Palms. That was on Christmas Day at 7:30 PM. I felt like the Pope and also kissed the ground. Lulu joined me … plus she was a whole lot closer to the ground. Easier for her to get up. Took me 2 hours of twisting, transforming, and also knocking to obtain myself upright again.

That was rather a journey down. We hope you weren’t in it just for the sightseeing and tour element. With Mr. Speedster at the wheel, we were flying over the asphalt. Every little thing and also anything was one large blur. Usually, with the RV, we take the bypass around Jacksonville, FL. and go onto Path 10 that takes us throughout part of the State. There we jump on route 75 and head southern making our method to Tropical Palms. Takes a bit longer however a much easier course to take without a lot web traffic and also building. This time, Mr.Speedster was on such a roll he determined to go right through Jacksonville on I-95 as well as continue that until we got to I-4 which took us with the city of Orlando. All through Orlando as well as around it, there is a huge major building and construction task going on.
They are making 6 lanes of traffic (each way) which will take many, several, years to complete. It is a wicked trip without the construction … now it’s a death flight. Being white knuckled, every part of my body was clinched tight, my eyes were pinched shut and also I put my mitten in my mouth. It really did not aid! My heart was defeating faster than the speed Mr. S was taking a trip. Lulu was subconscious. She quit her work as navigator as well as hid out in her lug bag on the floor. Ontop of the speeding, swerving, thick traffic … we were wizzing around and via cautioning cones as well as barriers. All this while in the DARK! Much like we were blind! Not a pretty image. Not a fun time. Not anything I want to do once more. Cory just shrugs … he thought it was fine. OMG … has he end up being insane? After we made it through the fatal challenge of driving with Orlando, I-4 continued with bumper to bumper web traffic for miles and also miles and also miles until we reached our turnoff to obtain us to Tropical Palms. All this back up was due to people going or returning from Disneyworld. We live @ 5minutes from the Disney property.

We drove past the lovely Gaylord Palms Convention Center/Hotel. All the appealing lights shining in the dark night. It took my mind and body away from the frustrating, fatality defying driving experience we had actually simply withstood. My body was still clenched. My image of the Hotel does not give it justice in all. Keep in mind … this is where we went with that huge ice sculpture show of “The Christmas Tale”.

As soon as we happen the bend, we saw the high pillars of gorgeous, vibrant lights. We always understand we are home when we see the dazzling tinted lights of Old Community’s wild as well as insane flights: The Vomitron, The Skyrocket, The large Ferris Wheel. Ahhhhh … there they were! Relief at last … BREATH!

BREATH, once more. Cory drove our black buggy similar to Santa driving his sleigh. It was a tranquil as well as smooth flight as we came to Exotic Palms as well as our site. Hallelujah! We made it from Shongo, NY to Kissimmee, Florida in 2 days! I make sure the authorities have a full sharp team out searching for Mr. Speedster. We’ll be encountering a dragnet anytime currently. I make sure our cars and truck is at the top of the cops blotter and Cory’s face is now hanging up in the Message Workplace. C’est la compete! 2 days! I still can not believe it. Two days and we were back at TP! It like we were in Richard Branson’s rocket ship. Launch! Certainly, our car is no longer black. It is a steel shade. Why?… you ask. ‘Cause Cory drove so quickly the paint flew right off our car … right down to the bare metal. It’s a wonder we are alive to write this blog. I’ve had to enlist Lulu in therapy sessions. My soothing words were insufficient to bring her back to normal. She had actually come to be a Zombie! Noooooooo!